Although  we will be doing these events in various states our love story started in NY,and so will  #TNTK.


New York is the city where dreams come true, it's a city where love is found and lost , but it's also the city that thrives on hustle and hard work. In the midst of trying to make our individual dreams a reality we often forget the one aspect of life that we subconsciously take for granted, LOVE.

We love love, we love seeing people build and maintain connections with people. We love seeing men and women/ men and men/ women and women  develop real bonds with another, we love seeing people of color together.

After all, what good is building your dream life if you don't have anyone to share it with.


For those of us who work in high demanding industries, entrepreneurs, or have creative careers meeting someone who not only understands that but respects your hustle is  hard to find.  That's where we come in.


#TheNeedToKnow was created out of necessity. In the past we've been asked to set up friends on blind dates, and after seeing how well they've worked we've thought about bringing the idea to the masses, well sort of. Our events will be invite only and submissions will be vetted in order to make sure we are matching our attendees with quality partners.


The goal is to keep these events intimate and impactful. When you are in a room full of people it's nearly impossible to build real relationships with everyone, especially when the ratio of men to women is always off. We've created an even playing field, where select individuals are invited to play on a monthly basis. 

Allow Us To Help Find Your Next Connection....